A Complete Guide to Amazon FBA Freight Forwarding from China to USA

If you are an Amazon FBA merchant and are looking to transport goods from China to the United States, this guide is for you. Amazon FBA freight forwarders in China have become an integral part of exports to the United States, primarily because freight forwarding from China is a necessity for the emerging e-commerce industry.

Amazon FBA freight forwarders in China take care of all logistics and shipping needs, so that buyers can focus on their company instead of the logistics. In fact, some of the best freight forwarder China to USA providers offer affordable rates, and will do everything necessary to ensure that goods arrive at their destination promptly.

If you want to learn how your export, import, and shipping processes can be streamlined in order for them to keep up with Amazon’s criteria of accepting FBA fulfillment centres located within the United States, then read on. We uncover all of this and more, right here in this blog post.

Tips for Beginners When Shipping to Amazon FBA U.S. from China

tips for beginner

The biggest mistake that beginners make when using Amazon FBA freight forwarding from China is not understanding the importance of choosing a reputable Amazon freight forwarding company. Freight forwarders in China are responsible for ensuring that your goods arrive at their destination within the designated time frame, all while adhering to all government laws, rules, and regulations.

With this in mind, it’s imperative that you know who your freight forwarders in China will be before the shipment begins, as well as what type of logistics services they offer and how much these costs will affect your bottom line.

To help you out, we’re providing you with a complete overview of the most common Amazon FBA freight forwarding from China options, as well as what you need to look out for when hiring a Freight Forwarder in China.

Options When choosing Amazon FBA Freight forwarder from China to the U.S or Canada

There are many options when freight forwarding from China to the United States. As Amazon FBA freight forwarders in China will ensure that all required paperwork and necessary licenses are completed before shipment, this is the best option for beginners to take advantage of. That said, however, it’s just as important to choose the cheapest shipping from China to USA for you and your unique situation.

With this in mind, here are the most common freight forwarder China options available to you.

Ocean Freight from China to the U.S.

Ocean freight

Ocean Freight FCL

FCL, or full container load, is one of the most popular transportation methods for shipping from China to the United States. It means that your goods will be loaded into a container that is 20’ or 40’ long, and is filled to capacity, with no extra space.

Freight forwarders in China usually use this method when shipping at a high volume as it saves both time and money. However, it’s best to ensure that your container is completely full, as pricing is carried out at a flat rate. This means you will be charged one price, regardless of how much the container weighs.

Ocean Freight LCL

LCL, or less than container load, is the opposite of FCL. With this option, you will be sharing space with other companies that are shipping out of China to the U.S. Freight forwarders for Amazon FBA in China often use this option when their client has a smaller shipment, or is looking for better rates on a per cubic meter or per kilogram basis.

It’s essential to keep in mind that when you ship LCL, your items must be merged at the origin port, and deconsolidated when they arrive at the destination port. While this means that LCL shipping may take a few days longer than FCL, the price savings are usually much more favorable for smaller shipments.

Air Freight from China to the U.S.

When you are shipping from China to the United States, air freight is usually your best option when it comes to speed. Freight forwarders in China will often use this method for small shipments because of its high degree of accuracy and reliability.

While shipping by air is undoubtedly faster, it’s also more expensive. Freight forwarders in China usually price their air shipments based on the number of kilograms shipped, so it might be best to plan your shipment accordingly.

Shipping Time. Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder China to USA

When you freight forward in China from the USA, it is crucial to understand that different freight forwarders will have varying degrees of speed. For example, freight for Amazon FBA can take anywhere from a few days, up to several weeks depending on how far away your goods are being shipped from and where they’re headed, along with the shipment size, and the season.

This means that when you are looking for Amazon FBA freight forwarders in China, you should always ask about their transit times and if they have any guaranteed services. This will help ensure that your goods arrive safely, on time, and within budget.

For a more transparent overview, we’ve listed some estimated timings for each shipping mode when using a China to USA freight forwarder:

  • Sea Freight FCL – 14-42 days
  • Sea Freight LCL – 14-42 days
  • Air Freight – 1-7 days

How to Label Your Goods for Amazon FBA

how to label

If you want to ensure you avoid any delays or rejected goods when using freight forwarders for Amazon FBA, it’s crucial that you label your boxes correctly. Below, we have provided you with the basic FBA preparations needed for general cargo.

  • FBA Shipping Label – Individual cartons must have their own unique Amazon FBA shipping label, as do the shipments themselves. The labels may be generated after establishing a shipment plan in your Seller Central account.
  • FNSKU – Each individual item packaging must include a unique barcode generated from your Seller’s account when the product was added to the listing. Because different versions will have various FNSKU, it’s important to make sure that all items are correctly identified by color, size, and so on.

Don’t Forget Your Freight Insurance when Shipping to Amazon FBA

Finally, our last piece of advice when using Amazon FBA China to USA freight forwarders is never to forget your freight insurance. Freight insurance is a crucial step when you are shipping valuable goods anywhere in the world.

Although some freight forwarders for Amazon FBA can help your goods get insured, it’s vital that you have your own policy in place as well. Sometimes, even the very best China to USA freight forwarder can be subject to losses, and you don’t want to be caught off guard. Freight insurance can help cover unexpected losses and damages, so we highly recommend using it for your Amazon FBA shipments.

Amazon FBA freight forwarder

Claim Stress-Free Shipping, Just for You

Here at ForwarderOne, we know that shipping your valuable products to Amazon FBA can be a stressful process. Freight forwarders in China are sometimes unreliable or hard to work with, and there is always the risk of goods being lost or damaged during transit.

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Using our Amazon FBA freight forwarders in China means you’ll get the best service at competitive rates with no hidden fees or surprises along the way. No more waiting for deliveries to arrive on time, and no more lost packages or damaged goods.

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