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Shipment suspension, price increase, shortage of container, port strikes … ForwarderOne Got your back!

The blockage of the Suez Canal at the end of March was like putting a scoop of hot oil on the already burning global shipping market. The market blew up! Ocean freight from China is about to see "the...

Ecommerce Marketplaces Snapshot (U.S. 2021)

The United States is the world's largest economy and the world's second largest e-commerce market (after China). Annual e-commerce sales is US$587 billion. Online sales accounts for 11.3% of retail sales.

European E-commerce Market Report (2021)

Europe is the world's third largest e-commerce market, with annual online revenue exceeding 412 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. As far as Europe is concerned, online retail accounts for 12% of the total market retail sales. Amazon's European site has 1.1 billion visits per month.

Grow Successful Amazon FBA Business to $1 Billion Dollars? How?

Not long ago, Thrasio completed another US$500 million in senior debt financing, which will continue to be used to acquire third-party brands on the Amazon platform to further push the boundary of FBA business acquisition model.

Overview: Latin America E-commerce Platforms 2021

Since the 20th century, Latin America has been one of the most polarized regions in the world. Brazil and Mexico are the two countries with the fastest economic growth in the region

20 service providers that help sellers to grow their Amazon businesses (Part 1)

It is very important to leverage third party service providers and outsource the non-essential business activity, so that the sellers can really focus on the core.

Maersk Ship Lost 750 Containers Overboard in Pacific Ocean

Maersk Ship Lost 750 Containers Overboard in Pacific Ocean

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